Accommodations / Public Baths – Iidaya Bekkan

This classic 3-story inn will strongly appeal to travel enthusiasts.

3-30-10, Asama Onsen, Matsumoto, Nagano

We have been waiting for you.

He’s been welcoming guests with his ‘happi’ (a Japanese traditional jacket) since he was an elementary student. He is the fourth generation owner who loves to chat with his guests.

Full view of Iidaya Bekkan

Quietly nestled in the mountains, this three-story house with a peaceful atmosphere has been overlooking the hot spring resort since the Meiji era (1868-1912).

Front entrance

Spirited Away? or Yo ro gun? Let’s travel back in time, shall we?

Example of a guest room (the 3rd floor)

You can have leisurely meals at the kotatsu (a small table with an electric heater beneath it) in the winter time.

Men’s bath

Just 30 meters from the primary hot spring source. The fragrant natural hot spring can be enjoyed all day.

Example of dinner

Our veteran chef of 40-years wholeheartedly prepares seasonal meals.

Scenic view

You can have a fine view of the Matsumoto plains, along with a night view of the city and the sunsetting in the distance over the Japan Alps.

Number of Rooms/Capacity

10 Rooms/40 Guests

Accommodation Fee

One night with 2 Meals from ¥10,800 per guest
One night with Breakfast only from ¥7,560 per guest


Approx. 3 PM/Approx. 10 AM

Hot Spring Baths

Men’s and Ladies’ baths